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 AYJ - TG02 Universe No.2

Brand: AY PLUS
Model: AYJ - TG02
Specification: 42 * 32 * 28 cm
Power: 30W
Voltage: 220V/ 50 hz
Function: product introduction, anti-aging wrinkle, sedation repair, shrinkage pore

Applicable to: facial care crowd

Origin: guangzhou, China

Product Detail

BIO Microcurrent Face Lift ,

The BIO facelift probe generates low-current electricity that is imitating the bioelectricity to heal and restore the cells, making them more permeable, allowing them to move nutritions and wastes and toxins more effeciently so that the cells become energetic.

The BIO Microcurrent Facials therapy benefits include: tighten and firm face skin, face lift, facial muscle toning and relax, reduce wrinkle, smooth fine lines, etc.

Raido frequency 

Machine is the newest wireless skin lifting and body slimming in 21 century. Different with operation, people use it on beauty or slimming salons, which is a newly concept integrated with high-tech fruition as multi-functional double-frequency beauty RF system and slimming machine. It eradicates high-effective heat energy, active collagen tissue, enters deep skin layers, to rapidly attain purpose of beautifying face and body.

Cold hammer

Handle temperature is 5℃ lower the room temperature.
A quickly cooling handle helps to calm down the skin, and keep the skin essence. 

Function of mesotherapy

1.Freckle removal and skin whitening
2.Fantasy wrinkle removal
3.Resist the acne
4.Moisten and make up water

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