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 AYJ-Y84 Oxygen hydrafacial machine 

Model: AYJ-Y84
Specifications: General
Color as shown
Voltage: 220V/50HZ
Function: Deep clean, moisturizing ,anti wrinkle
Applicable to: beauty lovers
Place of Origin: China Guangzhou

Product Detail

The Oxygen hydrafacial machine combines the top technologies of internationalization in Korea, Italy, Europe and the United States, and the only one that combines the six technologies of ultra-micro bubble rejuvenation technology, SAP spa, high-pressure spray gun, cell placement and circulating RF. The backflow and the youthful skin rejuvenation instrument are also a new safe and effective high-end beauty instrument. Using the vacuum negative pressure mode controlled by the whole intelligent program, the skin and pores can be deeply cleaned in a short time by the perfect combination of products and equipment. Exfoliating keratin, acne, blackheads and other dirt inside. At the same time, it enhances the deep absorption of the nutrients of the product, promotes the pores to shrink, smoothes the skin, increases the moisturizing effect of the skin, and makes the skin appear moist and white, moist and full of texture, and the circulating RF technology can simultaneously whiten the skin, deepen the skin, Lifting the neck, sagging tissue, ablating fat tissue, thin face shaping.

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