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AYJ-X13E Powerful Facial Dermabrasion Machine

Model: AYJ-X13E
Specifications: General
Color as shown
Voltage: 220V/50HZ
Function: Facial deep cleaning,  Skin rejuvenation
Applicable to: beauty lovers
Place of Origin: Guangzhou China 

Product Detail


Combines with water dermabrasion,  multipolar RF , bipolar RF and cold hammer. It can effectively accelerates the metabolism of cells, keeps skin health, smooth and glossy.  

1. Water Dermabrasion
Deeply clean,Lymphatic drainage,gently remove skin horny, instant whitening and smooth skin.

2. Cold Hammer

Mainly used for sedation skin, shrink pores, locking nutrients.

3. Bi-polar RF (For small area) 

The dermal layer could be heat up to 45°C-60°C, to generate more collagen, improve skin texture, remove wrinkle, tighten and lift skin.

4. Multipolar RF 
heat up to 45℃-60℃, to generate more collagen, improve skin texture, remove wrinkle, tighten and lift skin.

Technical Advantages

1. To attract new customers and enhance the visibility of beauty salons 

2.  To enhance the beauty salon grade and expand profit space 
3. To enhance the effectiveness of products, upgrade the product price, promote consumption.

4. To open new courses, new items.
5. Can used together with any product, to enhance care efficiency, promote self-confidence of the beautician and then take the initiative to sell products.

6. One machine with multi function, very favorable, cater to customer’s needs

Functions :

1. Shrink pores.

2. Tighten skin.

3. Dilute pigmentation.

4. Deeply clean dirts and metabolized thick cutin.

5. Increase circulation of blood and lymphatic system.

6. Promote deeply absorption of nutritional ingredients.

7. Remove wrinkles, acnes and scars.

8. Rejuvenate and whiten skin.

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