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  Ulieshape slimming machine

Instrument model: AYJ-S18

Instrument name: Ulieshape slimming machine

Rated voltage: 220V

Rated power: 300W

Energy output: 1-30

Temperature output: 30-50 ° C

Product Detail


Thermal lift machine is a new generation of intelligent non-invasive fat-reducing weight-loss equipment, using artificial intelligence technology combined with high-energy focusing technology to achieve fast, effective, safe and healthy slimming effect. Let the fat be managed effectively, away from loose, drooping, fat,and sub-health!


Thermal lift machine through the magnetic pulse degreasing technology + ring focus RF decomposition technology, under the synergy of the two technologies, the circular focus RF energy quickly and evenly and accurately decomposes the fat cells, the magnetic pulse energy breaks through the human body's own circulating metabolic system in time, and decomposes it. The cells are quickly sent out of the body, so that the fat is invisible and quickly lose weight.


1. Internal Health Conditioning (RF head)

Using ring-focusing RF decomposition technology: 


Through the circle focusing technology, the low frequency and high energy are transmitted to the fat layer of 0.7~1.5 cm under the skin, soften the fat and accumulate the free fat cells; it can decompose the fat cells more evenly and accurately without harming the surrounding skin, blood vessels, nerves and connectives. Tissue; therefore, it can stimulate the natural regeneration mechanism of all levels of skin, stimulate the regeneration of collagen, and maintain the temperature stability, reshape the beauty of the line with 3D mesh structure, and achieve the perfect effect of skin firming, shaping and fat melting.

Disinfect the decomposing head first, then completely contact the negative ion plate with the skin of the customer's waist, put the physiotherapy solution; adjust the decomposing energy operation. The first step is to soften the fat first, the second step to return the free fat to the position, and the third step to deeply decompose the fat cells.


2. Ulieshape Slimming head

Magnetic pulse degreasing


Based on human physiology, using magnetic pulse and auto-reconstruction technology, the body produces thermal effects, magnetic effects and chemical reactions, which balance the charge inside and outside the body cells, stimulate collagen regeneration and reorganization step by step, activate enzyme activity, dredge meridians, Dispel the nodules, accelerate the microcirculation around the fat cells, promote metabolism, effectively reduce the number of fat cells and reduce the volume of fat cells, and quickly break away from the decomposed fat cells to solve the problem of human fat cells. Achieve the effect of molding multiplication. 

Firstly, the degreasing head is disinfected, and the negative ion plate is completely contacted with the skin of the customer's waist. The disposable facial tissue paper is fixed on the operating physical therapy head with a card, and the therapeutic milk is evenly applied on the operating part and the physical therapy head; then the fat-dissolving energy operation is adjusted. , in 1 step, do not apply high energy to the operating part. The first step is to clear the fat metabolism. The normal feeling is that the thorns are numb. The place where the blockages will have a soft and sour feeling. If there is serious inflammation, the place will be a little painful, thus opening up the body's own circulation and speeding up metabolism. Excrete excess body fat from the body to achieve weight loss and shape


1. Obese body type, and the local fat thickness is more than 2 cm.

2. stubborn fat areas that cannot be resolved by exercise or weight loss

3. A slightly overweight BMI value (25~30 effect is especially good)

4. Skin sagging

5. Hope that there is a slim body curve for beauty seekers

6. People with fatigue

7. People with sub-health conditions such as soreness, pain, and numbness



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Degrease head (RF) head)




Degreasing head




negative plate








handle cloth cover




white cards




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