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 AYJ-BC108 Breast Enlargement Machine



Breast Cup:140mm,120mm,10mm

Power :200W
Voltage: 110V/220V
Specifications: General
Color: picture color
Function: breast enlargement, lymphatic drainage
Applicable object: beauty salon
Place of Origin: Guangzhou China 

Product Detail

1. Promote lymph drainage, shrinken pore, easy sensitivity, reform skin, improve micro-circulation, enhance ossein elasticity, lift drooping muscle, resist wrinkle, rejuvenate muscle, dispel eye bag and double-chin, lift skin, dispel red blood threads etc. 

2. Stimulate pituitary to exude hormone, exercise muscle tissue elasticity and fibre function, make breasts effectively return elastic and soft, enlarge breasts by oxygen, lift breasts, rectify breast-shape, improve nipples cope etc, rapidly and stably. 

3. Speed up fatty acid transformation, safely and effectively remove partial redundant fatness, reduce weight, slim body, beautify legs, firm skin, do Chinese massage, dot points, dredge lymphatic toxin, improve celluliate, plim buttock and rectify buttock-shape. 

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