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 AYJ-A13 Viginal Care Instrument 

Model: AYJ-A13
Specifications: General
Color as shown
Voltage: 220V/50HZ
Function: private and firm cleaning, detoxification, nourishment and repair
Applicable object: Lady.
Place of Origin: Guangzhou China 

Product Detail

Viginal instrument accessories 

Tightening and shrinking

The unique component of the shrinking operation head has cell regeneration function, which can improve cell vitality, make the vagina shrink naturally, repair vaginal mucosa, stimulate vaginal cell mucosal regeneration, enhance vaginal sphincter contractility, and restore the reproductive system. Vitality; stimulate the release of nerve information in the vaginal muscle layer, improve sexual sensitivity, make the loose vagina narrow and tighten. Utilizing the modern new heat source (far infrared) principle, it has the effect of warming the cold and preventing disease and health. Adopting the international advanced tubular plasma generating structure, using oxygen in the air as raw material to produce superoxide plasma as a clean and sterilizing energy source. Super oxygen plasma is attached with a special wavelength of red luminescence, which quickly disinfects and disinfects the odor, and has no residue, no pollution, no toxic or side effects on the human body.

RF vibration massage:

This instrument is based on the principle of medical bionics. It can adjust the endocrine through selective massage, vibration, RF warming and other multi-functional irritating sensitive areas. It can be moderately female, lack of orgasm or sexual desire. Conditioning, so as to achieve a physiological balance, and ultimately achieve the purpose of improving sexual function, absorption of fun.
Oxygen sterilization rod: double flushing function: it can be used for detoxification cleaning of homemade oxygen washing solution, or it can be made of pure small molecule washing liquid for cleaning and cleaning;
Unique water outlet: The water outlet is evenly distributed around the top of the rinse head, with a very precise angle of inclination, so that the rinse can evenly flush all parts of the vagina, while the top of the top is free of water, ensuring that the pathogens will not be washed during washing. Upper genital tract;

Precision polymer rinse head

Round and smooth, suitable size, easy to enter the vagina, will not scratch the epidermal tissue, and the vortex water produces power to give people a magical, comfortable massage feeling.
5000 Gauss magnetization: equipped with 5000 Gauss magnetization flushing handle, magnetized small molecule cleaning solution has very good solubility and permeability, detoxification flushing effect is better, anti-inflammatory sterilization is more thorough.

Microneedling :

Repair the dull cell tissue, improve the private parts of the loose black hair isola pigmentation, dry and peeling vulva wrinkles, etc., so that the private parts are full of tender white and pink, can be used as daily universal care.

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