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AYJ-S08 Vaginal Tightening Machine

Model: AYJ-S08
Power: 200W
Voltage: 220V/50HZ
Function: vaginal tightening, enhance vaginal elasticity, postpartum vaginal repair
Applicable to: female
Place of Origin: Guangzhou China 

Product Detail

Principle :

Private thermo lifting is a sexy training device is targeted at sex , The only one in the world with reduced physical sensitivity is only one-time
Non-surgical treatment equipment. The system uses a unique patent , Extreme radio frequency (RF) technology to tighten the vaginal opening tissue, with laser, Compared with higher frequency, it stimulates vaginal tissue and effectively uses it. Ring rotation technology, acting on the vaginal mucosa, muscle layer, thorn
Activated collagen reconstituted. RF technology works effectively on the dermis
The fiber layer actually causes the fiber layer to have a thermal effect. Cold spray With the support of the technique, the energy is comfortably reached to the deep fiber layer. Protect vaginal mucosa

vaginal tighten machine Function :


 1. Vaginal tightening
 2. Vaginal relaxation for women who want to tighten the vagina.
 3. Private tigthen-- Potentfirming, improve sex life.
 4. Privat Lubrication - increased secretion, eliminate drying
 5. Private sensity - cell regeneration, reaction enhancemen
  6. Private Health - comprehensive treatment, reduce infection.
 7. Private testing-- able to test the degree of vaginal relaxation.

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