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 AYJ-V13 Professional Face lift machine

Model: AYJ-V13
Specifications: General
Color as shown
Voltage: 220V/50HZ
Function: anti-aging wrinkle
Applicable to: beauty lovers
Place of Origin: Guangzhou China 

Product Detail

Super Cell Activation Instrument: It is a versatile high-end beauty physiotherapy instrument that integrates activation, lifting, firming, wrinkle, anti-age, detoxification and anti-aging. Using unique focused radio frequency technology, the intracellular acute water molecules have regular motion friction and heat generation, activate the dormant cells, and the new fibroblast energy source continuously proliferates new collagen, reconstructs the cell tissue structure, and makes the aging sagging. Skin restores a youthful state of firmness.

Focused RF energy technology is used to directly penetrate the SMAS fascia through the epidermis to cause 20 million wave resonances per second of the target tissue. The water molecules are frictionally heated and accurately heated to 60°-65 in the SMAS fascia. °, stimulate the regeneration of collagen, make the reticular fibers and elastic fibers reconstruct the scaffold, to achieve aging problems such as facial fine lines, sagging, unclear outline, and partial depression.
1. Activate cells, promote blood circulation, and accelerate new metabolism.
2. Add collagen.
3. Improve eyelid drooping, unclear outline, and partial depression.
4. Rebuild reticular fibers and elastic fibers.
5, soften tissue cells, enhance penetration, increase metabolism, promote blood circulation, stimulate the nervous system and cells.

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